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PHILIPS - Powerbank 10,000mah Li-Polymer Type C
Rp 599,000
Beli minimum 200000, dapatkan 15000 Diskon Pengiriman

Fast Charging—Being compatible with Quick Charge technology enables the DLP7715C well suited for recharging with most smartphones at their faster charging capacity.

18W Maximum Output —With this level of output, this versatile power bank is more than capable of charging some of your heftier electronics, be it your laptop or camera, it will be your one solution for all.

3 Charging Outlets—Equipped with 3 types of charging ports (QC/Type-C PD/2.1A USB), one is able to charge 3 different devices simultaneously without any fuss. A type-C charging cable is also provided.

Smart Protection —Safely charge and discharge simultaneously with the protective system within the DLP7715C, protecting you and your devices from overcharges, electrical discharges, and excessive current flow.

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Rp 599,000
(Stok Kosong)
Rp 599,000
(Stok Kosong)
Rp 599,000
(Stok Kosong)